Generation X & Politics

Millennials complain about university fees, zero hour contracts and the costs of getting a home with limited hope of getting on the property ladder. The desperation that they’re never going to move out of their parents home or house share.

The mid level Generation Yer’s (late Xer’s but too early to be a Millennial) whine about having a crap pension, the thought of having to work until death and having their kids stuck at home because they can’t afford to leave. Waiting for their parents inheritance, hoping it doesn’t all go to pay for nursing home fees.

Generation Xer’s have tried to be grown ups, but don’t like it. They run with the changing work landscape however are worried they won’t be in a job, as middle management jobs are squeezed. They mainly own their own homes and have security knowing they can top up their pension by downsizing in the future.

The Baby Boomers complain about the queue at the Doctors and how many weeks they have to wait for an operation. How they can’t find the ‘right’ house to downsize to, or, where the best place is to holiday and still smart that Howard’s Way was cancelled!

Which political party will bridge the needs of these Generations?
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