Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys


The title really should be renamed Adrian Mole, the alcohol and drug years.  This is a memoir of Lol Tolhurst, the ex drummer and then keyboardist for the cult hit band The Cure.

The book is an easy read, but don’t expect much in the way of exposé gossip or hidden unknown gems about The Cure.  The real tone of this memoir feels as though it’s one of the final steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous process, it’s feels that the book is an apology to those Lol has upset with his drunken behaviour and exploits over the years.
The Cure was a band that engaged in the feelings, thoughts and zeitgeist of young adults of  disenfranchised Britain in the late 70s and 80s, the lyrics, the style, emerging from the swift and brief punctuation of the punk movement.  They built a following through relentless touring in the early years, and their message engaged with their fans, with the poetic resonance of The Cure lyrics they went from cult band to part of the mainstream music establishment.
Robert Smith and Lol Tulhurst were childhood friends who were music fan boys who decided to have a crack at being a band, and they did, in a way that was unexpected and unplanned.  The success opened a gateway that fuelled Lol’s demons and created a drunken destructive force.  Lol’s decent in alcohol and substance abuse was so strong the childhood friendship fractured and he was ultimately booted out of the band.
From the tone and manner this memoir reads, the talent of The Cure is well and truly with the lead singer and figure head, Robert Smith.
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